PL30 3mm, 5 volt, LEDs, Green and Red

Product code: 5050881081907
Handy for use with the Pecolectrics SmartSwitch these LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) can be used to give a visual indication of the route set on a turnout. They are either connected directly to the SmartSwitch Control board, or to the Control Board via a SmartFrog.
By running wires from the SmartSwitch or SmartFrog to the the layout control position, the LEDs can be positioned on a track plan dislay panel (sometimes refered to as a "mimic panel") with the use of panel clips, which are included in the pack.

Each pack contains 10 each of red and green LEDs, plus 20 panel clips.
Product Code 5050881081907
Weight 0.1kg