North American Railroad Bridges


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From the quaint wooden trestle to the graceful arched viaduct, the railroad bridge is a quintissential aspect of North American scenery and an essential part of the railroading landscape. What rail image is as classic as a train crossing a bridge, be it wood, stone, steel, spanning a river or canyon? This photographic history pays tribute to the railraod bridge as both icon of Americana and the marvels of engineering they are. Brian Solomon discusses the major types of construstion, viaducts both stone arches and steel construction cantilever, suspension and truss bridges, and explains why certain construction suits certain different situations. He describes the origins and construction of famous structures Hell Gate in Queens, New York, Hill Bridge Minneapolis plus less well-known but no less interesting ones. Accompanying this fascinating account are historic black-and-white photos and modern clour images depicting railraods large and small hauling traffic over bridges across an entire continent.

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