GM487 Fordhampton Electricity Substation Kit

Product code: 5060025804873

Product information

Electric Substations have been part of our landscape ever since electricity has been distributed by high tension overhead cables. They are the point that the ultra high voltages carried by pylons are reduced to more manageable voltages to be used by both industrial and domestic consumers. There are hundreds scattered across the UK, and while often seen in or on the outskirts of towns and cities, they are sometime set just on their own in rural areas. The model will also look the part being placed close to a railway line on your layout, as they can often be spotted from carriage windows.

The kit is made up of 263 parts moulded in 4 colours. Additional painting and weathering can be applied to enhance the model.

LENGTH 220mm

WIDTH 168mm


Technical specifications

Product Code 5060025804873
Weight 0.48kg