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Product information

Like all good modelling “tools”, DCCconcepts multi-gauge rolling roads are of simple and effective design, use only top quality components, are very flexible in their application ...and of course, they’ve been carefully engineered to deliver both long service life and to be affordable, so they offer excellent cost-performance to railway modellers.
Perhaps best of all - they have created ONE design that will let you test, evaluate, set up, run in, clean driving wheels of or just display locos in ALL of the commonly used smaller modelling scales.
Two styles are available: active and passive; the active set has bearings designed to support the driving wheels of the locomotive whilst the passive set has fixed disks to support unpowered wheels, allowing power to be fed to all pick-ups.
The simple design can be quickly and easily configured to work effectively with locos of all types as well as multi-unit powered stock of almost any size in all of the following gauges & scales!
N Gauge
009 and HOe
TT Gauge
HOm and HOn3-1/2
OO Gauge
HO Gauge
EM Gauge
P4 Gauge

Technical specifications