94857 Clay Slurry Tank Car J.M. Huber

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Product information

Clay Slurry Tank Car


•     Separately applied fittings nozzle, manway, and small safety
valve nozzle
•     Full brake plumbing and rigging including brake wheel, air reservoir
cylinder, triple valve, brake linkage, trainline, brake rod, large
brake support, small brake support
•     See-through Photo-etched metal walkways and end platforms
•    Wire platform railings, grab irons, and side safety rail
•     Fine scale side ladders
•     Printed marking on the sides, ends, and top of the tank body
•     Placard holders
•     Equipped with McHenry AAR upper/lower shelf couplers•    
•    Weighted for optimum performance
•     Razor sharp painting and printing
•     36” solid nickel silver wheels with RP25 contours operate on all
popular brands of track
•     Body mounted McHenry operating scale knuckle couplers
•     Minimum radius: 18”

Technical specifications

MPN 94857
Product Code 797534948570
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